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SG3-540, SG3-300
Roland DG SG3 Series

Roland DG SG3-540 Series

Available in two sizes to fit your business and budget, the latest Roland DG SG3-540 series large format graphic printer/cutters have been enhanced to answer the ease and productivity needs of today’s sign and graphics providers. Expand your current operation or provide the right start in sign and graphics with the superior color and performance of next generation TrueVIS SG3 printer/cutters.

  • User-focused enhancements with a 7-inch LCD touch-panel control, auto-calibration, and other automated tools.
  • Incredible print output with True Rich Color 3 to improve brand reproduction and provide ultra-vivid color with super-smooth transitions.
  • High-quality, 4-color print/cut results on signs, stickers, labels, vehicle wraps, apparel, and other graphics at a very low ink cost per sq/ft.

Roland DG SG3-540
Ink Configuration: CMYK
Printing/Cutting width: Max. 52.9 in. (1,346 mm)
Applications: Signage, retail graphics, vehicle wraps, stickers, labels, apparels

Roland DG SG3-300
Ink Configuration: CMYK
Printing/Cutting width: Max. 28.9 in. (736 mm)
Applications: Stickers, labels, decals, apparels, partial vehicle wraps

Get Premium Print/Cut Results on the Most Profitable Applications

Whether you’re looking for a device to grow your sign and graphics business with a wide variety of large format graphics, or you need to get a head start in graphics customization with an easily affordable solution, the Roland DG SG3-540 series offers you premium results on so many profitable applications.

Product Applications

Custom Stickers and Decals

The combination of a new media take-up and integrated print and cut enables precise, unattended production of long runs of stickers and decals.

Heat Transfer T-Shirts and Apparel

Print and cut vivid heat-transfer graphics for artistic applications or accurate brand graphics for apparel and accessories such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and more.

Product Labels

Produce high-quality labels and packaging with the SG3’s advanced integrated print and cut functions. With the new perf-cut feature, you can produce die-cut labels without the need for trimming.

Window Graphics

Produce sharp, colorful, and color-precise logos and graphics with ultra-vivid color. Media flexible SG3 series printer/cutters are compatible with a wide range of media for highly profitable window displays and sales promotions.

Custom Interiors and Wall Décor

Print/cut vinyl graphics or put your designs on artistic substrates like canvas, gloss paper and matte paper. Add color and excitement to stores, home interiors, restaurants, galleries and more. Produce beautifully crisp photographic imagery and perfectly branded logo treatments for walls and floors.

Vehicle Graphics and Partial Wraps

Produce bold and exciting vehicle graphics that get your print business noticed, with the SG3 and highly durable TR2 inks.

Signs, Banners, and Promotions

Print and cut signs, banners, posters, displays and other graphics at a consistently high quality with exact color targeting on a wide range of coated and uncoated media. With added machine efficiency, produce indoor and outdoor graphics that are durable for up to three years outdoors without lamination.

The Power of New True Rich Color 3 and TR2 Inks

Award winning, GREENGUARD Gold certified TR2 inks and TrueVIS color output has quickly become a benchmark in the sign and graphics industry for color brilliance, detail, and intensity. With next generation SG3 technology and TR2 inks, you can further push your color gamut and quality.

  • True Rich Color 3 and TR2 inks combine vivid color with smooth gradations and neutral grays to achieve more detailed skin tones and super-smooth color transitions.
  • A library of color profiles help you generate a whole new level of color vibrancy in your prints.
  • True Rich Color 3 now supports RGB mode to vastly improve the color saturation of RGB images.
  • Certified for low-emission printing, TR2 ink is exceptionally scratch resistant and durable up-to three-years outdoors without lamination.

User-Focused Features to Answer the Needs of Print/Cut Professionals

  • Automated Pinch Rollers
    Redesigned inner pinch rollers raise during cutting jobs while outer rollers remain engaged to ensure accurate print and cut operation.
  • New Media Holder
    A one-touch lever locks the media in-place in one easy motion— other easy loading features include an integrated fan to keep the media steady during set-up.
  • Nozzle Mask Function
    If a nozzle on the printhead is misfiring, you can minimize printer downtime with the ability to turn off a specific nozzle band to allow continued production.
  • Smart Media Clamps
    For a more efficient print operation, smart media clamps with integrated grooves don’t interfere with sheet-cutting or need to be removed at any time.
  • Custom Crop
    Improve accuracy on long print runs of stickers and decals using the Crop Mark by Row in VersaWorks 6 software.
  • Perforated Sheet Cut Option
    Reduce post-processing with “easy tear” perforations between print jobs.

VersaWorks 6 The World’s Most Popular RIP Software Included

  • Printer Color Match for multi-device workflows
  • Pantone and Roland DG color libraries
  • Crop, tile, and nest features
  • Nearest Color Finder for auto color generation
  • Create cut lines with PDF design data
  • 5 print queues, 5 hot folders

Roland DG Connect App For Everything Creative

Gain a detailed understanding of your entire print operation while keeping your device running at optimum performance with a user-friendly app specially designed to integrate seamlessly with your TrueVIS VG3. Reduce downtime and improve efficiency with a machine monitoring assistant that works in complete harmony with your device.


SG3-540 SG3-300
Printing Method Piezo ink-jet method
Media Width 11.7 to 54 in. (297 to 1,371 mm) 7.2 to 30 in. (182 to 762 mm)
Thickness Max. 39.3 ml (1.0 mm) with liner, for printing
Max. 15.7 ml (0.4 mm) with liner and 8.6 ml (0.22 mm) without liner, for cutting
Roll outer diameter Max. 9.8 in. (250 mm)
Roll weight Max. 77 lb. (35 kg) Max. 66 lb. (30 kg)
Core diameter 3 in. (76.2 mm) or 2 in. (50.8 mm)
Printing/cuttin width (*1) Max. 52.9 in. (1,346 mm) Max. 28.9 in. (736 mm)
Ink Type TrueVIS INK 500 ml pouch
Colors Four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)
Printing resolution (dots per inch) Max. 1,200 dpi
Cutting speed 0.39 to 11.8 in/s (10 to 300 mm/s)
Blade force (*2) 30 to 500 gf
Blade Type Roland CAMM-1 series blade
Offset 0.0 to 59 ml (0.000 to 1.500 mm)
Software resolution (when cutting) 0.98 ml/step (0.025 mm/step)
Media heating system (*3) Print heater set temperature: 86 to 113 (°F 30 to 45 °C)
Dryer set temperature: 86 to 131 °F (30 to 55 °C)
Connectivity Ethernet (100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T, automatic switching)
Power-saving function Automatic sleep feature
Rated input 100-120/220-240 Va.c. 50/60 Hz 8.0/4.1 A 100-120/220-240 Va.c. 50/60 Hz 5.4/2.7 A
Power consumption During operation Approx. 1,090 W Approx. 710W
Sleep mode Approx. 50 W
Acoustic noise level During operation 63 dB (A) or less
During standby 53 dB (A) or less
(Width x Depth x Height)
103.7 in. x 29.5 in. x 52.0 in. (2,632 mm x 748 mm x 1,320 mm) 79.7 in. x 29.5 in. x 52.0 in. (2,022 mm x 748 mm x 1,320 mm)
Weight 417 lb. (189 kg) 331 lb. (150 kg)
Environment During operatio (*4) Temperature: 68 to 89.6 °F (20 to 32 °C), humidity: 35 to 80 % RH (no condensation)
Not operating Temperature: 41 to 104 °F (5 to 40 °C), Humidity: 20 to 80 % RH (no condensation)
Included items Dedicated stands, power cord, Media take-up unit, media holders, replacement blade for
separating knife,
liquid, drain bottle, User’s Manual, Software(VersaWorks, Roland DG Connect), etc.

*1 – The length of printing or cutting is subject to the limitations of the program.
*2 – 500 gf is the maximum instantaneous blade force. The blade force must be adjusted according to details such as the media thickness.
*3 – Warm-up is required after power up. This may require 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the operating environment. Depending on the ambient temperature and media width, the preset temperature may fail to be reached.
*4 – Operating environment(Use in an operating environment within this range.)


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