Roland Releases More Powerful Version of 3D Jewelry Design Software

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Hamamatsu, Japan, January 26, 2010
Roland DG Corporation, a worldwide leader in engraving and 3D milling technologies, today announced Version 2.0 of the company’s JewelStudio software, a powerful 3D design program specifically developed for jewelry designers and goldsmiths. JewelStudio is included with all Roland JWX-30 3D milling machines, creating a complete solution for precision jewelry wax master model production.

The JWX-30 solution allows jewelry designers to quickly and easily transform their ideas into precise wax models of jewelry items such as rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. With the release of Version 2.0, all existing JewelStudio customers can update their software free of charge by clicking the program update button appearing on the opening screen, or by accessing the update online at

“JewelStudio 2.0 offers a more intuitive user interface featuring step-by-step workflows and point-and-click simplicity, making it easy for even novice CAD users to create complex jewelry designs,” said Akinori Sakai, Roland DG product manager. “Version 2.0 also includes powerful new design features that further increase the software’s versatility. These include new parametric editing capabilities which allow designers to change the parameters of a design such as the shape and size of a ring and see these changes reflected dynamically on screen. Complex changes such as bending the angle of gem prongs or rounding a bezel are easily completed and reflected in a preview screen.”

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