Flora Digital Xtra 3220UV / 2512UV

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Xtra 3220UV / 2512UV


  • Variable color configuration, up to 8 colors
  • Grayscale print heads, variable drop size from 6pl to 18pl
  • Speed up to 100 sqm/hr
  • Handles rigid substrate up to10cm thick
  • 2.54mx1.22m/2.00mx3.20m true flatbed with 4 vacuum Zones
  • White ink and CWC print capability & Varnish solution

1.Variable Color Configuration + Grayscale Print mode
Standard 4 Color plus white, Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Varnish ink for option. Satisfy different customers for high speed, high resolution, special white and varnish application on different substrates.

2.Anti-crash Sensor, Resume print after E-stop
The safety anti-crash sensor can detect the media circumstance beforehand and protect the print heads from a crush hazard. After that, you can resume printer, which will help you save media.

3.Automatic Registration Pin System
Automatic registration pin system aid easy edge to edge printing, which simplifies the media location and ensure high precision printing output.

4.Automatic Height Adjust System
The function makes the printer can print up to 10cm thick substrate.

5.White Ink Recirculation System
White ink recirculation results in effective elimination of ink starvation and protects print heads from clogging hazard.

6.Dual Automatic Negative pressure Adjustment System
Independent negative pressure system for white color provide guarantee for continuously and stable printing. Self-adjusting design makes negative pressure more stable.

7.Anti-static Bar
Reduce the ink over spray caused by static, improve the print quality on some substrate.