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Large Format - Roland XF-640

When it comes to productivity, the innovative Pro 4 XF-640 is in a class above all other large-format digital printers. Equipped with the industry’s most advanced dual mirrored print heads, a reinforced chassis, redesigned take-up and pinch roller systems and wide-gamut Eco Sol MAX® 2 inks, this next generation inkjet is uniquely engineered and constructed to crank out crisp, vibrant graphics.

Built to serve as the perfect backbone for any busy shop environment, the XF-640 reliably delivers detailed images, bold color and deep image saturation on a wide range of media. Along with its state-of-the-art print head design, the XF-640 boasts cutting-edge features such as Intelligent Pass Control, advanced media handling, an integrated tri-heater system and a three-stage wiper system to ensure superior performance and outstanding production capability over the long haul.


  • Outstanding Performance and Greater Productivity
    One of Roland’s most revolutionary large-format digital printers to date, the XF-640 incorporates the latest in inkjet technology. It features dual eight-channel piezo inkjet heads with 180 nozzles per channel. The print heads are offset to promote image quality and create a large print swath for increased production capability. Both print heads are configured in a mirrored pattern to help eliminate chromatic banding in bi-directional printing.
  • Exceptional Image Quality
    With seven different dot sizes available, the XF-640 achieves smoother gradations and richer density for superior photographic and high-resolution vector output. As a comparison, the XF-640’s newly designed print head produces smaller droplets than the previous XJ series head technology. By firing a finer dot, the XF-640 delivers rich, bold color and deep image saturation on a much broader range of media.
  • Eco-Sol MAX 2 Ink
    The XF-640 features high-density Eco-Sol MAX 2, a new generation of Roland’s award-winning eco-solvent ink. Eco-Sol MAX 2 dries quickly and offers outstanding long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance, broad uncoated media support and a wide color gamut. Specially formulated for the XF-640’s unique print head design, Eco-Sol MAX 2 adds value and impact to graphics.
  • Roland Intelligent Pass Control
    Developed by Roland software engineers for the company’s large-format digital printers, Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology represents the pinnacle of inkjet printing. This patent-pending system precisely controls dot placement between passes, even at higher print speeds, ensuring both unprecedented image quality and maximum productivity. With Roland Intelligent Pass Control, the XF-640 is able to produce smooth gradations and flawless solid colors, while maximizing throughput and virtually eliminating banding in all print modes.
  • Advanced Media Handling
    The XF-640 features the new TU-3 media feed and take-up system, designed for precise, unattended printing during the longest runs. This system includes a convenient front-mounted take-up roller and an advanced tension-controlled take-up unit for optimum media feeding and tracking. Significant upgrades include an adjustable right flange that allows for accurate centering of smaller rolls. The TU-3 supports heavy roll media up to 110 lbs.

    The XF-640 also comes with long media clamps that secure media in place and are detected by the printer. This system ensures that the printer will not cut any sheets until they are removed. As a result, the end user is prevented from accidentally performing the sheet cut over the media clamps.

    In addition, the XF-640 features fully adjustable print heads that support various media thicknesses.

  • Integrated Tri-Heater System
    The XF-640’s integrated tri-heater system dries prints quickly, even in high-speed mode, for immediate finishing, installation or collection by the take-up system. The system features three components: a pre-heater that improves media receptiveness, a print heater to accelerate ink fastness and brightness, and a dryer to accelerate the drying process and improve your productivity while ensuring scratch resistance. All can be controlled from either the printer panel or Roland VersaWorks.

    XF-640 dryer/blower unitThe XF-640 includes our redesigned dryer/blower unit that ensures even drying across large prints and further expedites production during the longest runs. This new heater/blower offers several advantages, including the ability to print highly saturated images at high speed while using the take-up rollers – without any trace of image transfer or media stickiness. The heater and blower can also be installed right on the printer to conserve space in your shop.

  • Sublimated Graphics
    Roland’s Pro 4 XF-640 can be equipped with sublimation inks to produce a wide range of vibrant, eye-catching sublimated graphics for textiles, soft signage, promotional items, jerseys, interior décor and more. The XF-640’s dual mirrored print heads, Roland Intelligent Pass Control and advanced user features allow this next-generation printer to create detailed, vibrant prints that can be transferred easily to polyester fabric, preserving the natural drape and texture of the material.
  • Three Stage Wiper System
    The XF-640’s new three-part patent-pending wiper system is designed to significantly reduce buildup around the edges of the print head, decreasing wear and tear on the head and prolonging its life.
  • VersaWorks® RIP Software
    Developed exclusively for Roland large-format digital printers and printer/cutters, VersaWorks RIP software takes full advantage of the XF-640’s capabilities by combining unmatched ease of use with powerful features like spot color matching, variable data printing and advanced layout tools. Based on the latest Adobe CPSI 3019 engine, VersaWorks includes advanced error diffusion and 16-bit rendering for exceptional production output and unmatched ease of use, and is fully compatible with Windows® 7, Vista and XP. Other features include embedded ICC support, ink level adjustment tools, advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options, the Roland Color System for easy, accurate spot color matching, and a host of additional color management tools, including these:

    • Built-in PANTONE® Spot Color Libraries:
      Six PANTONE libraries are included with VersaWorks, helping to streamline the conversion process from PANTONE to CMYK colors and ensuring accurate PANTONE color matching.
    • Spot Color Replacement Tool:
      This feature allows users to quickly and easily replace any spot color from the design file with another from any VersaWorks spot color library, without reopening the source file.
  • The World’s Most Intelligent Printers
    Among the many benefits of owning a Roland inkjet is its ability to share information with you so you can print with confidence, even when you’re not there. A Predictive Ink Calculator lets you see whether you’ll have enough ink to run the print jobs you’ve posted to the queue. Roland OnSupport then sends an email to your computer or smart phone, notifying you when a job is completed or ink is running low.
  • Low Running Costs
    Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks boost the performance of the XF-640 at low running costs that both you and your customers will appreciate. For a low-density image, we estimate an average of $.16 per square ft. and an average media cost of $.30 per sq. ft. for a total of $.46 per sq. ft. For a high-density image, we estimate an average ink cost of $.28 per sq. ft. and an average media cost of $.30 per sq. ft. for a total of $.58 per sq. ft.
  • Reliability
    Like all Roland inkjets, the XF-640 offers years of reliable service, even in the most demanding shop environments. Every XF-640 is solidly constructed and equipped with special enhancements for precision printing and flawless media handling.
  • Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
    Roland inkjets combine unbeatable performance with legendary reliability. As with all Roland inkjets, SOLJET XF-640 printers are built to provide years of reliable service, even in the most demanding shop environments. Each one combines solid construction with numerous enhancements for precise media controland ease of use. The XF-640 also features automated print head maintenance systems for unmatched mechanical reliability.

    As further proof of their unmatched reliability, Roland is pleased to offer a Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty for the XF-640. All that’s required is product registration within 60 days of your purchase and confirmation* that Roland inks are running in the machine. Extended warranties are also available.

    *Continuous exclusive use of Roland inks during the first two years of ownership is required to qualify for the free second year of limited warranty coverage. Customers may be asked to provide proof-of-purchase to substantiate uninterrupted use of Roland inks.

  • Optional X-Rite Color Management Tools
    For precise color management, Roland offers X-Rite’s i1Basic Pro 2 for calibrating your monitor to display accurate digital color and linearizing your Roland printer for consistent output. Upgrade to the X-Rite i1Publish Pro 2, which includes the same capabilities, as well as complete ICC/ICM media profiling. Both packages include the new i1 Pro 2 spectrophotometer, PANTONE® Color Manager software, and an accessories package. The i1Publish Pro 2 also includes i1Profiler software. You can purchase either system online at the Roland DGA Store.
  • Quality Assurance
    Roland’s international ISO certifications are your assurance of quality products and service. We build reliable, high-performance products and back them up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories.


Printing technology Piezoelectric inkjet
Media Width 10.2 to 64 in. (259 to 1625 mm)
Thickness Maximum 39 mil (1.0 mm) with liner
Roll diameter Maximum 8.3 in (210 mm)
Roll weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Core diameter *1 3 in (76.2 mm) or 2 in (50.8 mm)
Printing Width Max. 63.6 in. (1615 mm)
Ink cartridges Type Roland ECO-SOL MAX 2 INK
Capacity 440cc
Print resolution Maximum 1,440 dpi  
Print Modes Resolution Pass Speed
Max Speed (Banner) 360×360 1 1098 sqft/hr (102 m2/hr)
Billboard (Banner) 540×360 2 678 sqft/hr (63 m2/hr)
High Speed (Banner) 540×360 4 334 sqft/hr (31m2/hr)
Standard (Banner) 720×720 5 258 sqft/hr (24 m2/hr)
720×720 6 215 sqft/hr (20 m2/hr)
High Quality (Banner) 720×1440 9 140 sqft/hr (13 m2/hr)
720×1440 12 108 sqft/hr (10 m2/hr)
High Speed (Vinyl) 360×720 4 323 sqft/hr (30 m2/hr)
720×720 5 258 sqft/hr (24 m2/hr)
Standard (Vinyl) 720×720 6 215 sqft/hr (20 m2/hr)
720×720 8 161 sqft/hr (15 m2/hr)
High Quality (Vinyl) 720×1440 12 108 sqft/hr (10 m2/hr)
720×1440 16 75 sqft/hr (7 m2/hr)
Artistic (Vinyl) 1440×1440 16 43 sqft/hr (4 m2/hr)
Distance accuracy *2 *3 Error of less than ±0.3% of distance traveled, or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
Media heating system *4 Print heater Setting range for the preset temperature: 30 to 45ºC (86 to 112ºF)
Dryer Setting range for the preset temperature: 30 to 50ºC (86 to 122ºF)
Connectivity Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, automatic switching)
Power-saving function Automatic sleep feature
Power requirements AC 100 to 120 V ±10%, 8.2A, 50/60 Hz or
AC 220 to 240 V ±10%, 4.2A, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption During operation 1350w
Sleep mode 20w
Environmental Power on Temperature: 15 to 32ºC (59 to 90ºF) [20ºC (68ºF) or more recommended], Humidity: 35 to 80%RH (no condensing)
Power off Temperature: 5 to 40ºC (41 to 104ºF), humidity: 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Dimensions (with stand) w 108.26 in (2750 mm) x d 31.50 in (800 mm) x h 51.0 in (1295 mm)
Weight (with stand) 390.2 lb (177 kg)
Included items DU-640 dryer/blower unit, TU-3 media take-up unit, XF-640 stand, cleaning liquid cartridges, power cord, media clamps, blade, blade holder, replacement blade for sheet cutter, Roland VersaWorks RIP Software, cleaning kit, manual, etc.