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VUTEk 3r+

Take your performance, efficiency and quality to the EXTREME

As a high-volume printer, you go to the extreme every day when it comes to job turnaround times, versatility, quality and satisfying customers. And now there is a printer to get you extreme results.

The EFI™ VUTEk® 3r+ is the most technically advanced three-metre LED roll-to-roll printer on the market. We’ve gone to the extreme to enhance the platform features that offer the highest image quality at the highest rated throughput speeds along with the highest range of options—giving you the lowest total cost of ownership.

Extreme pluses:

  • Better speed/quality ratio
  • Newly developed white printing modes, with an increase in speed and enhanced quality
  • A completely reengineered printing algorithm, including new printing point conditions, such as pulse, temperature, voltage and frequency, for higher density and an overall quality improvement
  • Redesigned platform chassis elements for improved media advance, higher robustness and sustainability
  • New media handling accessories
  • New innovative optional features, including the Winder Motorised Air Shaft*
  • Extreme media weight of up to 400 kg
  • Extreme media diameter of up to 50 cm

Put it all together, and you’ve got an extreme competitive edge.


EXTREME speed and quality

  • Up to 406 m2 per hour
  • Up to 7 colours (CMYKcmk) plus optional white or optional clear
  • UltraDrop™ Technology with native 7 pL printheads with true multi-drop addressability for high-definition image quality, outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients, and transitions, and superb text quality with small text in both standard and high quality with fewer satellites and more clarity in all print modes
  • True resolution up to 1200 dpi

EXTREME application range

  • Wide range of applications designed for challenging, premium POP as well as high volume billboards
  • EFI – 3M™ SuperRange XF inks, including white, covered under the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty when printing with co-branded EFI and 3M™ UV inks on 3M™ flexible media1
  • EFI SuperFlex inks available for car wrapping and fleet graphics


  • EFI’s industry-leading LED curing technology and all its cost savings and environmental benefits
  • Extends the range of supported substrates, including lower cost and added-value speciality media
  • Increases uptime and productivity with instant on/off and less maintenance
  • Drives down operating costs with significantly less energy consumption and fewer consumable parts
  • Improves control over gloss/matte levels
  • Reduces waste with consistent color output and simple operation
  • Satisfies customer requests for greener printing

EXTREMELY easy to use

  • Versatile media handling capabilities to support a variety of flexible media
  • Carriage height adjustment and wrinkle analyser* to avoid head strikes
  • Mobile operator station with touch screen for maximum convenience
  • iPhone application* for remote printer tracking


EXTREMELY versatile options

  • White printing with a variety of white printing modes, up to five layers
  • Inline finishing system for all-in-one printing, slitting, and collecting
  • Double-bladed Slitters with 8 mm gap for separating multiple jobs on a single, full-width roll, minimising media waste
  • Automatic Backlit also supports multi-roll, cutting and slitting, and enables printing each side with a different print mode
  • Automatic Blockout is also available for multi-roll and supports cutting and slitting
  • ID Backprint for printing customer information on the back side of the media is now available with white ink for colour-backed media
  • Media Spreaders that prevent media wrinkles and allow printing on challenging media types
    3.5-metre wide Super Duty Winder for loading heavy media rolls up to 793 kg and up to 65 cm outer diameter
  • Winder Motorised Air Shaft for precise and excellent media collection