Roland TrueVIS SG2-640/540/300

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TrueVIS SG2-640/540/300

TrueVIS SG2 Series Printer/Cutters

Outstanding color and versatility at an affordable price

  • Large format printing and cutting available in 30”, 54″ and 64″ widths
  • TrueVIS TR2 ink in 500 ml pouches
  • 3M™ MCS™, Avery ICS and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Two FlexFire print heads for outstanding color and profitable productivity
  • Bluetooth-enabled mobile control panel
  • 4-color CMYK ink configuration

Key Features

New TrueVIS TR2 ink for Vibrant Color
In addition to seven colors and White, the new TR2 ink supports Orange ink to further increase color gamut. Orange in general adds high visibility and impact to printed graphics and offers a warm and welcoming glow with positive emotions to communication tools or corporate identities. To maximize the effect of this new color ink, a new Multi-Process Color Function has been developed to enable using Orange ink as a process color. Since Orange ink can now be processed as a part of process color with CMYK channels, it enables you to express even richer colors without any special spot-color setting requirements.

Enhance your Business with “True Rich Color”
In order to take full advantage of the VG2/SG2 series’ superior color reproduction capability and the wider color gamut provided by new TR2 ink, we developed a True Rich Color preset. Now vibrant color can be combined with neutral grays, smooth gradations and natural skin tones to create stunning graphics. This pioneering print quality is unequalled for durable graphics.

Quick and Easy Spot Color Matching
Standard colors such as Pantone or DIC can be quickly matched with accurate results using the Roland Color System Library. With approximately 130 new spot color references for Orange to Red areas available in it, specific targets such as Orange colors which had been regarded as difficult to match can now be easily achieved.

Automated Long-run Decals/Labels Production
When multiple copies of stickers, decals, and labels are produced, the shorter the job length is, the higher print & cut accuracy becomes. Using the Multiple Print function allows the printer to automatically conduct highly accurate printing and cutting for a group of labels several times without the need of using crop marks. The combination of a new precision media take-up system with highly accurate print & cut functionality enables the production of longer-run unattended jobs.

Eliminate Trimming with Perforated Cut
The improved cutting control technology of the VG2/SG2 series introduces a precision Perforated Cut function for producing die-cut, ready-made labels/decals without the need of a post-trimming process. Since the perforated cut can also be applied to contour cutting, it can produce unique, custom-shaped stickers ready to be shipped. This eliminates the post trimming process and supports short turn-around jobs.