HP Stitch S1000

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Stitch S1000

Main Features

  • Consistent colors over time and across the fleet
  • Native 1200 dpi printhead resolution for vivid colors and deep blacks
  • Print unattended at production speeds up to 220 m2/hour (2370 ft2/hour)
  • Save up to 40% time with simplified operation

High quality meets high expectations
Impress your clients with the most vivid colors and deep blacks, thanks to our native 1200dpi printhead resolution. Plus, automatically detect and compensate nozzles out, so you’re always ready to print and deliver the highest and most reliable image quality.

Produce more on tight deadlines
Whether you’re delivering jobs in a tight timeframe or printing large volumes during peak periods, you can meet deadlines easily with HP PrintOS and a productive printer that enables high quality at fast speeds even when left unattended.

Save time. Operate easily
Working with an industrial dye-sub printer doesn’t have to be complex. Get consistent colors across your fleet with HP PrintOS and simplify your work with easy media loading and fully automated printhead maintenance.


Width 3.2 m
Cartridge size 10L
Maximum roll weight 300 kg
Maximum production speed 350 m2/hour
Quality speed (6 pass) 100 m2/hour