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Sniper 320

Sniper 320

The maximum precision for industrial production
After 20 years of manufacturing professional CNC hotwire foam cutting systems, the SNIPER320 has just born at Nettuno Sistemi. This CNC machine is the combination of the technical know-how of Nettuno Sistemi technicians and the use of the latest generation hardware and software solutions.The result is therefore a CNC hot wire foam cutting machines capable of making cuts of EPS / XPS with extreme precision and high productivity, thanks also to its large cutting area.

Sniper320 is 4 axes CNC hot wire foam cutting machine able to process complex cuts inside full blocks of expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene. Further than efficiency and strength of the structure, one of the main features of this superb machine is the absolute precision cutting also high density EPS / XPS or block of expanded polystyrene with graphite.

In fact Sniper320, in addition to the devices available on the professional foam cutting machines already produced by Nettuno Sistemi (pc controlled wire tensioning system, automatic regulator for cutting speed – Clevel -), is equipped with Gear Racks transmission and Recirculating Ball Screws.This new transmission is not requiring the use of the timing belts which normally must be replaced through the wear of time because, by losing their elasticity, they make the CNC hot wire foam cutting machine less precise.

So Sniper320 with the combination of Servo Motors, temperature of the cutting wire controlled by microprocessor, pc controlled wire tensioning system, strong structure and cutting process managed by the Software Nettuno, is at the moment the CNC foam cutting machine capable of obtaining the highest possible precision for the hot-wire polystyrene cuts.


Sniper320 is the CNC hot wire foam cutting machine designed and developed for those companies that need to obtain extremely precise cuts, where the slightest error can compromise the entire project in progress. The large cutting area and the extremely strong structure represent essential characteristics for use in industrial production.

There are several fields of application: production of insulated shutter box, prototyping, preforms for swimming pools, foam moulds / foam precast for constructions and viaducts, form works, voids of expanded polystyrene, hulls for boat, external wall insulation system. (EIFS)

Technical Specifications

Cutting area X=3200mm axis Y=1250mm
Wire length 3300mm
Type of cutting wire TITANIUM
Diameter cutting wire ø 0.20, 0.30, 0.40 mm
Number of axes 4 independent axes
Speed of axes 13,000mm/min
Tolerance +/- 0.05mm
Table top Fireproof wooden panels
Guides/transmission Gear Rack and Bearing Screws
Structure Aluminium and steel
Motors Stepper Closed Loop
Adjustment wire temperature External Potentiometer
Operator interface Nettuno Docker Cam
Software Nettuno Included
Power supply 230V 50/60Hz 1kW
Workstation Yes
Wireless Hand Held Keypad Included
Online Training Included