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Massivit 1800


The Massivit 1800 is a big act to follow. It’s fast, it’s productive and, ultimately more profitable. Discover for yourself!

Massivit 1800 employs ground-breaking Gel Dispensing Printing technology to deliver incredible productivity, awesome results and massive profitability. It’s one big act to follow.

Add a profitable new dimension to your business

Win new business, retain existing clients and distinguish your firm by making super-size 3D displays, prototypes and end-use parts a profitable part of your service offering.

More printing power for your money

With its remarkable speed and cost- effectiveness, the Massivit 1800 adds a profitable dimension to any business.

Beautifully simple

Produce complex, super-size displays with minimal parts. For quicker, cost – effective assembly.

Maximize productivity

  • Turnaround more jobs in less time
  • Build up rate of up to 35cm / 14in per hour

Dual-object printing (optional)

Can print 2 different objects in parallel

Easy to operate

  • Easy to operate software
  • Printer control from touchscreen
  • Vacuum print table with printing liner for easy handling of objects.

Leaner, lighter, greener

  • Hollow lightweight products minimize cost of transportation and handling
  • Minimal waste additive process
  • No support structures required, eliminates post-printing clean-up
  • Low energy consumption LED UV curing

Speed-powered by GDP technology

Massivit’s patented Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology enables objects to be 3D printed at remarkable size, speed, versatility and ease. GDP is a delicate balance of movement speed, curing speed, unique material properties, and smart support algorithms, enabling the printing of super-sized objects at super-fast speeds.

One machine. Limitless creative opportunities

Start producing creative 3D displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing and entertainment

  • Unique product launches
  • Decoration that calls for selfies and interaction
  • Special exhibition displays
  • Amazing point of purchase displays that matter
  • Entertaining, stand-out centerpieces for events

Technical details

Print Volume
  • WxDxH: 1.17×1.5×1.8m | 46x59x70.86in
  • Max. object weight 150kg | 330lb
Productivity (z-axis) Up to 35cm/hr | 13.7in/hr
Printing material Dimengel – Massivit proprietary photo polymeric printing material white shade pails of 19kg | 41.8lb
Workflow & software
  • Software on machine: Massivit proprietary front end software
    • Operating on Windows®
    • Network: LAN connection
  • Massivit Smart: Massivit proprietary software* for file preparation
    • Features: scale, rotate, slice, support generation
    • Input file format: STL
  • Printer WxDxH: 3.1×2.2×2.8m, 10.2×7.3×9.2ft | 2500kg, 5511lb
  • Crated WxDxH: 3.5×2.3×2.6m, 10.9×7.6×8.4ft | 3000kg, 6613lb
Regulatory compliance CE
Operation requirements**
  • Electrical voltage: 3x32A 380-400VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption @50Hz (printing): 10kW
  • Air pressure 6-8 bar | 88-118 psi
  • Ventilation
Operating environment Temperature: 16° to 30°C | 60.8° to 86°F