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Latex 800w Printer

HP Latex 800W Series

Equipped to win big with HP Latex 800W Printer Series.

HP Latex 800

  • 1.63-m / 64-in maximum media width
  • 3-liter cartridge
  • Maximum roll 55 kg (121 lb)
  • Speeds up to 36 m²/hr (388 ft2/hr) outdoor

HP Latex 800W

  • 1.63-m / 64-in maximum media width
  • 3-liter cartridge
  • Maximum roll 55 kg (121 lb)
  • White ink
  • Speeds up to 36 m²/hr (388 ft2/hr) outdoor

Produce the highest value jobs
Extend your portfolio into high-margin applications with the whitest white. Deliver vivid colours and striking contrast, and choose from a wide application range covering banners, textiles, poster paper, canvas, wallpaper, and vinyl.

Beat your deadlines with smart, productive printing
Drive high productivity with saturated colour delivered fast. Control your print operations virtually anytime, anywhere with HP PrintOS tools. Work fast using the smart front panel.

Sharpen your sustainability edge with HP Latex
Using water-based inks enables more comfortable and welcoming operation. Support your customers’ sustainability goals and differentiate your business. HP Latex Technology is designed for sustainable impact through printer and cartridge materials, ink chemistry, printer operation/print production, the print itself, print display, and product end of life.

HP Latex Inks make a difference

Original HP inks are designed together with HP Latex printers to produce consistent results. With reliable performance, you can minimize waste and downtime. While non-HP inks may cost less per litre, they can cause frequent printhead replacement, unsellable prints, and increased printer downtime and maintenance.

Designed for sustainable impact

In addition to delivering outstanding image quality, consistency, and durability, our latest generation of HP Latex Inks offer an attractive environmental profile to both print service providers and customers:

  • Reach sensitive indoor spaces like healthcare—water-based HP Latex Ink prints are odourless and low-emitting meeting UL GREENGUARD GOLD (unrestricted full room décor), AgBB criteria, and Émissions dans l’air intérieur (very low emitting A+)
  • Making safer operations easier— no required hazard warning labels, avoid reactive monomer chemistry, and HAPs.
  • Meet stringent health and environmental criteria—HP Latex Inks are UL ECOLOGO® certified, conform to ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List, and comply with toy safety requirements.
  • Print on a wide variety of eco-conscious media choices, and deliver prints that are recyclable, returnable, or non-hazardous and safe for disposal.


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