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Most popular KM-2513 COLMAR universal printer

2513 is set according to the International Standard Plate Size (1.22 * 2.44 m)

Applicable fields

  • Advertising industry: Sign printing, Nameplate printing, Logo printing, Arts and crafts, Gifts printing
  • Decoration industry: Glass sliding door printing, Folding screen printing, Tile printing, Ceiling printing, Wall painting
  • Industrial Printing: Shell printing, Toy printing, Sample making, All kinds of traditional printing, Sample making


Compared with traditional printing, UV printing does not need film making.
UV Printer directly connect to the computer and only need to transfer the design file (TIFF, BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG) to the computer. Accept mass production. The printed objects can be filled according to the printing area and do all the printing in the same time.
The feature of UV digital printing is simple operation, convenient and fast.


Printer Model KM2513
Printing Size 2500 * 1500 mm / 98in * 59in
Printer Weight 1300 kg
Printhead type Ricoh G5
Printing Colour CMYK+LCLM+W+V (Support multiple color combinations)
Printing Height 0mm – 80mm (Can customize)
Media Weight Can load 120 kg per square
Printing Precision 720 * 900 dpi / 720 * 1200 dpi / 720 * 1800 dpi
Power Requirements AC220V; 50HZ; P:5000W
RIP Software ColorGate RIP 9
Printer Dimension 4300 mm * 2300 mm * 1400 mm