Grandé 1800. Re-printing the rules of the game.

The Grandé 1800 is a big act to follow. It’s fast, it’s productive and, ultimately more profitable. Discover for yourself!

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Grandé 1800
Print & Cure Large Format 3D Printer

Let’s Make It Big Together

Let’s Make It Big Together

Let’s Make It Big Together

Let’s Make It Big Together

Let’s Make It Big Together

With the super-sized 3D display industry in its early stages, now is the ideal time to consider implementing Grandé 1800 in your business. From installation, training and troubleshooting, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.


Leaner, lighter, greener
  • Hollow lightweight products minimise the cost of transportation and handling
  • A minimal waste additive process
  • No support structures required eliminates post-printing clean-up
  • Low energy consumption LED UV curing
UV-LED curing system

The UV-LED lamp enables fast and constant curing throughout the printing process. It uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional curing methods.

More printing powers for your money

With its remarkable speed and cost-effectiveness, the Grandé 1800 adds a profitable dimension to any business

Beautifully simple

Produce complex, super-size displays with minimal

Maximise productivity
  • Turnaround more jobs in less time
  • Build up the rate of up to 35cm / 14in per hour
Dual-objects printing (optional)

Can print 2 different objects in parallel

Easy to operate
  • Easy to operate software
  • Printer controls from the touchscreen
  • Vacuum print table with printing liner for easy handling of objects


Print Volume
  • WxDxH: 1.17×1.5×1.8m | 46x59x70.86in
  • Max. object weight 150kg | 330lb
Productivity (z-axis) Up to 35cm/hr | 13.7in/hr
Printing Material Gel – Grandé proprietary photo polymeric printing material white shade pails of 19kg I 41.8Ib
Workflow & Software
  • Software on machine: Grandé proprietary front end software
    • Operating on Windows®
    • Network: LAN connection
  • Grandé Smart: Grandé proprietary software* for file preparation
    • Features: scale, rotate, slice, support generation
    • Input file format: STL
  • Printer WxDxH: 3.1×2.2×2.8m, 10.2×7.3×9.2ft I 2500kg, 5511Ib
  • Crated WxDxH: 3.5×2.3×2.6m, 10.9×7.6×8.4ft I 3000kg, 6613Ib
Regulatory Compliance CE
Operation Requirements**
  • Electrical voltage: 3x32A 380-400VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption @50Hz (printing): 10kW
  • Air pressure 6-8 bar I 88-118 psi
  • Ventilation
Operating Environment Temperature: 16° to 30°C I 60.8° to 86° F

* Computer not included
** Subject to detailed site preparation guide

One Machine. Limitless Creative Opportunities

Start producing creative 3D displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing and entertainment.

  • Unique product launches
  • Decoration that cells for selfies and interaction
  • Special exhibition displays
  • Amazing point of purchase displays that matter
  • Entertaining, stand-out centre pieces for events

Limitless creative opportunities

Limitless creative opportunities

Limitless creative opportunities

Limitless creative opportunities

Creativity Unlimited

Turn every idea into an eye-catching reality. You can turn scan to print, make illuminated displays and personalise or localise objects

Add a profitable new dimension to your business

Win new business, retain existing clients and distinguish your firm by making super-sized 3D displays, prototypes and end-use parts a profitable part of your service offering.

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