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Cream 200

Cream 200

Cream200 is the smallest CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine made by Nettuno.

Specifically designed and developed for working in the business of visual communication , Cream200 has small dimension in order to be placed also in small shops. Its compact structure and low price make it the best solution for startup, or small companies dealing with shops decoration, party and cake decoration, wedding planner, prototyping, 3d signage, 3d logos, letter, giant letters or similar business related to Styrofoam (eps / xps ).

The structure of Cream200 is very strong and reliable, because is made of powder coated steel.

Even if it is an entry level CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine, it’s equipped with professional components like the recirculating ball bearing guides for high precision of movement. Small, plug & play, software user-friendly and very accurate, Cream200 is the right CNC foam cutting machine for who is the approaching at the world of foam creations, but able to satisfy also the production needs of professional and experienced operators of CNC hot-wire cutting machines.

The quality made in Italy, the experience and meticulous work of the handcraft construction combined with latest technological solutions, are the guarantee that Cream200 is a high performative CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine 2d and 3d, that fits with the standard of Nettuno Sistemi.


Cream200 is a 2 axes machine, but it has included also the vertical turntable (third axis) for cutting also special 2d and 3d shapes (logos, figures, signs, letters) in a quick, accurate and easy way.
This CNC hot-wire foam cutter is equipped with the software Nettuno , that is able to process advanced cutting process and elaborate complex cuts of foam shapes.

Is recommended for creating 3d objects, scenery for theater, party or events, visual communication, monument signs, cake dummies, gadgets, decoration for shopping mall, etc.

Technical Specifications

Cutting area X=2000mm axis Y=1210mm
Wire length 700mm
Type of cutting wire TITANIUM
Diameter cutting wire ø 0,20 mm
Number of axes 3 axes (2 axes + Vertical Turntable)
Speed of axes 8.000mm/min
Tolerance +/- 0.05mm
Table top Steel
Guides/transmission Recirculating ball bearing guides
Structure Powder coated steel
Motors Stepper
Adjustment wire temperature External Potentiometer
Operator interface Nettuno Cutter
Software Nettuno Included
Power supply 220/230 V
Vertical Turntable Included
Wireless Hand Held Keypad Included
Online Training Included