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Colorado 1630

Meet Canon Colorado 1630


Canon Colorado 1630 Features

Expand Your Horizons

The Canon Colorado 1630 keeps you on top of the game with its groundbreaking UVgel and FLXfinish technologies. Enjoy breakthrough productivity, wider application range and astounding quality at a low cost of ownership!

  • UVgel Piezoelectric Inkjet
  • New Flexible Ink
  • FLXfinish Technology
  • UV LED Curing
  • Maximum Speed: 111 m²/hr
  • Maximum Roll Width: 64″ (1625 mm)
  • Up to 1,800 dpi


Breakthrough Productivity
Shorten lead-times with fast output speeds and rapid job turnaround. By controlling dot gain, UVgel technology enables more ink to be deposited in fewer passes, improving productivity and speed. Two media rolls with online switching, and ink refill-while-printing empower non-stop printing for unmatched productivity.

Unparalled Versatility
Tailor your UVgel advantage to the needs of your business by being able to choose from options such as FLXfinish, for a matte finish of your applications, a second media roll, as well as the ability to print double-sided or print-side-in. Get flawless glossy banners or luxurious matte finish wallpaper independent of media, without switching media or inks!

Smart Innovation
Change the rules of the game with the proven advantages of UVgel. The flexible UVgel inks support a broad media range, including self-adhesive vinyls and polyester textiles. The flexibility and stretch of the UVgel is an ink characteristic and independent whether printed in gloss or matte modes. The increased stretch ability ensures you can plie, bend or fold the prints effortlessly with flawless image stability!

Unique Technologies

UVgel Technology

A unique ‘print-then-cure’ technology with instant-dry gel inks, cured with UV LED lights. The advantage of a gel over a fluid is that it is possible to deposit more ink in less passes, without the ink flowing in and over the medium. It results in razor-sharp prints with a wide colour gamut. Odourless and extremely durable.

FLXfinish Technology

This ingenious technology maximizes the UVgel advantage with either a single – or a two-step curing strategy. It offers you a choice between a gloss or a matte finish without the need to change inks or the media. Enjoy vibrant matte prints on smooth and more porous / structured media, like uncoated plain paper.

UVgel Inks

Flexible and more stretchable inks allow printing on a broad media range, including plain paper, self-adhesive vinyls and polyester textiles. The increased stretch ability ensures you can plie, bend or fold the prints without problems for applications as soft signage or fine-art canvas.

PAINT Technology

No need to babysit the printer as in the printheads, the nozzle status is continuously monitored with Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology (PAINT). When a malfunction is detected, the affected nozzle is (temporarily) switched off and compensated for by neighbouring nozzles. When the time is right, the print heads are cleaned. Fully automated.


Printing method Canon UVgel piezoelectric inkjet
Printing Speed Gloss Print Mode:
Max speed – 111 m²/hr | 1,194 ft²/hr
High speed – 78 m²/hr | 839 ft²/hr
Speed – 55 m²/hr | 592 ft²/hr
Production – 39 m²/hr | 419 ft²/hr
High quality – 29 m²/hr |312 ft²/hr
Specialty – 19 m²/hr | 204 ft²/hrMatte Print Mode:
High speed – 36 m²/hr | 387 ft²/hr
Speed – 27 m²/hr | 290 ft²/hr
Production – 22 m²/hr | 236 ft²/hr
Quality – 18 m²/hr | 193 ft²/hr
Backlit – 18 m²/hr | 193 ft²/hr
Specialty – 13 m²/hr | 139 ft²/hr
Backlit Density – 10 m²/hr | 107 ft²/hr
Print Resolution Up to 1800 dpi
Ink Colour Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Curing UV LED
Media Width Up to 64″ (1625 mm)
Print Margin 5.3 mm, 11 mm when Media Step Control enabled
Roll Weight Up to 50 kg
Roll Diameter Up to 220 mm
Media Thickness Up to 0.8 mm
Number of Media Rolls 1 or 2 (automatic roll-feeding and switching depending on media used)
Supported RIPs ONYX Graphics, Caldera, EFI, PrintFactory, ColorGATE, ErgoSoft, Shiraz, AGFA
Environmental and Safe Use Indoor AgBB GREENGUARD GOLD
CE EN 15102 (decorative wall coverings)
ASTM F793 Type II
Émissions dans l’air intérieur A+
Optional Colorado 16xx Feed Media Shaft 3 Inch
Colorado 16xx Take-up Media Shaft 3 Inch
Ink Types Canon UVgel 460 ink
1 x 0.7 litre ink bottle
Ink reservoir can accommodate up to 1.8 litre
per ink colour
Refill while printing
Printheads Canon UVgel 425 printheads
High-frequency drop-on-demand piezo-electric printhead
PAINT (Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology) constantly monitors and compensates for nozzle failures that can occur during printing



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