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Arizona 135 GT

Canon Arizona 135 GT


Access the Arizona Advantage

The Canon Arizona 135 GT is a smart investment with its innovation in productivity, ease-of-use and curing technology. Enjoy outstanding productivity, incredible quality and exceptional application versatility that give you the edge to create impressive solutions across an extensive range of rigid and flexible media!

  • UV LED Curing
  • Max Print Area: 125 x 250 cm
  • Max print speed (m²/hr): 34.2
  • VariaDot imaging technology
  • White Ink: Yes
  • Roll Media Option: Yes
  • Automated Printhead Maintenance System
  • Pneumatic media registration pins


Smart Choice

The Canon Arizona 135 GT is designed for businesses looking to start and grow in the exciting Large Format Graphics flatbed applications market with outstanding productivity and smart investment from just 2,000 m² per year. With the ability to handle peaks of more than 100 m² per week in a single shift operation, the Arizona 135 GT will provide unparalleled, sellable print quality at speeds of up to 34.2 m² per hour on almost any rigid or flexible media at a low cost of ownership!

Exceptional Application Versatility

The Canon Arizona 135 GT produces exceptional high value applications on a vast range of rigid and flexible media, standard and textured surfaces with its unique true flatbed architecture and VariaDot greyscale printing technology. The efficient Arizona Classic high-pressure vacuum system provides extremely reliable media hold-down during printing, even pulling down warped rigid media. Access even more possibilities with the field upgradeable Roll Media Option to create flexible media applications including thin and heat-sensitive media. Design on several layers, to create impressive first and second surface images. You can also create different designs front and back.

Ease Of Use

The Arizona Xpert creates recipes for production of complex, duplex, multi-layer, high value applications. By designing complex jobs just once, you can leverage your expertise and easily adapt and repeat designs to save time on future projects. The Arizona functionality includes nesting, batching of complex jobs, step and repeat, mirroring and re-assignment of print modes. Enjoy the Automated Maintenance System for hands-free printhead maintenance and to selectively restore nozzle function in seconds.

Unique Technologies

VariaDot imaging technology

VariaDot imaging technology allows piezoelectric printheads to produce droplets of varying volume on demand. This allows the connected workflow software to specify an appropriate droplet size for each specific image feature. When rendering fine detail such as small type or fine lines, very small droplets can be used, when rendering areas of tonal transition or quartertone values such as skin tones drops of medium volumes can be used and for areas of high density such as solid colors, large droplets can be used.



Printing method 5 channel piezoelectric inkjet system using VariaDot imaging technology; with one 636-nozzle, variable droplet printhead per channel.
Ink Channels CMYKW
Curing UV LED
Print Resolution Variable droplet sizes from 6 to 30 picoliters. The ability to vary the drop size to 6 picoliters produces sharp images with smoother gradients and quartertones. The ability to jet larger droplets up to 30 picoliters produces uniform colours. The result is exceptional photo-realistic print quality with sharpness only before seen at resolutions of 1,440 dpi or higher.
Curing UV LED

Print Modes

Express 34.2 m²/h, 368.1 ft²/h (flatbed)
25.8 m²/h, 277.7 ft²/h (RMO)
Production 20.8 m²/h, 223.9 ft²/h (flatbed)
17 m²/h, 183 ft²/h (RMO)
Quality 14.6 m²/h, 157.2 ft²/h (flatbed)
12 m²/h, 129.2 ft²/h (RMO)
Quality-Matte 10.4 m²/h, 111.9 ft²/h (flatbed)
7.9 m²/h, 85 ft²/h (RMO)
Quality-Density 7.9 m²/h, 85 ft²/h (flatbed)
6.3 m²/h, 67.8 ft²/h (RMO)
Quality-Layered (2) 7.3 m²/h, 78.6 ft²/h (flatbed)
6 m²/h, 64.6 ft²/h (RMO)
Quality-Layered (3) 4.8 m²/h, 51.7 ft²/h (flatbed)
4 m²/h, 43.1 ft²/h (RMO)
Fine art 11.7 m²/h, 125.9 ft²/h (flatbed)
9.5 m²/h, 102.3 ft²/h (RMO)
System Architecture True flatbed for rigid media printing with available Roll Media Option for flexible media printing.

Geometric Accuracy

Measured Over Line Length (system width):
Flatbed: 2,500 mm
RMO: 2,190 mmLine Length (system height):
Flatbed: 1,250 mm
RMO: 2,000 mmLine Straightness (system width):
Flatbed: 2,500 mm
RMO: 2,190 mmLine Straightness (system height):
Flatbed: 1,250 mm
RMO: 2,000 mmDiagonal Error (“square-ness”):
Flatbed: 1,250 x 2,500 mm
RMO: 2,000 x 2,190 mm
Maximum Error Line Length (system width):
Flatbed: ± 0.8 mm
RMO: ± 0.6 mmLine Length (system height):
Flatbed: ± 0.4 mm
RMO: ± 1.5 mmLine Straightness (system width):
Flatbed: 0.7 mm
RMO: 0.7 mmLine Straightness (system height):
Flatbed: 0.5 mm
RMO: 2.0 mmDiagonal Error (“square-ness”):
Flatbed: 1.0 mm
RMO: 2.5 mm


Rigid Media Maximum Area: 125 x 250 cm / 49.2 x 98.4 inches
Maximum Thickness: 50.8 mm / 2.0 inches
Maximum Mass: 34 kg/m² / 7 lbs/ft²
Rigid Media Print Area Up to: 126 x 251 cm / 49.6 x 98.8 inches (for edge-to-edge printing)
Roll Media 90 to 220 cm / 35.4 to 86.6 inches
Up to 50 kg / 110 lbs (at any width)
Maximum diameter: 240 mm (9.45 inches)
Core: 3 inches (inside)
Bias: Print-side-in or print-side-out. Most types (application dependent)
Roll Media Print Width Up to 219 cm / 86.2 inches


Image Processing ONYX® Thrive™ 21
Environmental and Safe Use Greenguard and Greenguard Gold Certificates for IJC 357 Inks
Accessories RMO-1000, Roll Media Option for flexible media printing

Static Suppression Upgrade Kit:
Print on hard plastic materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate and styrene.

Consumables Canon UV LED curable Inks IJC 357, packed in collapsible pouches

– Black (0.8 litre)
– Cyan (0.8 litre)
– Magenta (0.8 litre)
– Yellow (0.8 litre)
– White (1 litre)


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