EFI VUTEk H2000 Pro

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VUTEk H2000 Pro

An extensible base platform to keep you one-step ahead of your future needs

  • Six colours plus single-pass, multilayer print capability for premium-margin jobs and more profit opportunity
  • UltraDrop Technology offers smaller drop sizes and more precise control with native 7 pL print heads and true multidrop addressability in each dot position
  • High apparent resolution and high-definition quality with four-level greyscale and two ink density levels
  • Outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions
  • Superb text quality with four-point text in both standard and knockout with fewer satellites and more clarity in all print modes
    Integration ready with EFI Web-to-Print and MIS/ERP solutions with native JDF connectivity.

Options to boost performance and your bottom line

  • Fiery digital front end: Choice of Fiery® proServer or Fiery XF software only
  • Roll-to-roll production with the installation of unwinders and rewinders for increased throughput and application versatility in one footprint
  • White ink in a single- or dual-channel configuration to capture more premium-margin applications
  • Clear varnish in a single-channel configuration to extend your application offering