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There are many substrates available in the market for mounting. In fact, you can mount on anything you desire. So to make things easier, you can simply choose from the following:

Substrates for Mounting


It offers an excellent stiffness as well as flatness and a high dimensional stability yet light. It is excellent for lightweight displays where a larger print requires hanging with either double-sided tape or velcro.

Forex boards

It is an expanded PVC sheet with consistent thickness and extremely smooth surface available in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm thickness.


It is a high quality aluminium composite made in Germany. It provides an excellent weight-stability-ratio, i.e. that DIBOND is much lighter than other materials given the same dimensional stability – and even thin panels show a perfect flatness available in white as well as brass finish and thickness of 3mm & 4mm.


It is a super lightweight composite material available in 3mm. Similar to Dibond, it provides an excellent weight-stability-ratio with perfect flatness and super smooth finish.

Aluminium Spacer

For prints that need no framing but require hanging, we offer aluminium spacer from ½ inch to whatever thickness our customers require.